Individual course “pole Dancing”. Power, grace, grace!

Individual professional Pole Dance for a month.

Pole dancing! Power, grace, grace!

Studio 1366

Moscow, 2nd Pavlovsky lane, 13-66

Duration – 8 sessions 1:00

Cost 14 400 rubles for only one student! Study of the query individually!

Hurry up to enroll today!

+7 (965) 113-66-11

Discovery, surprise and delight

You do NOT tolerate crowded and large groups? I want to do in your rhythm and pace?

Apartments in the city center with pylon and personal trainer, with no prying eyes! We will take into account the individual characteristics of each!

The selection of the instructor

We will find You an instructor who will make up a training program for Your needs and objectives! Coordinate vremena classes convenient to You! All of our coach master of sports, and have additional pedagogical education, with teaching experience of 10 years. This ensures attention to detail are the building blocks of Your success and results!

What results do You get?

With regular training schedule, we guarantee the following results:

1 month
Minus 1-3 kg

Beautiful gait

The basic elements of a strip of plastics

10 simple twists

Impressive basic tricks

The development of the flexibility of the back

2 month
Taut tummy and buttocks

Beautiful posture

Plastic and grace of a cat in everyday life

The first full-fledged dance

Interesting combination of simple acrobatic elements

3 month
Visible the harmony of shapes

The relief of the hips, abdomen and back

Mastered all elements of the basic level

Free improvisation music

Unlock personal potential femininity

A bit of theory, to determine the wishes:

Pole dancing (Pole Dance)

Pole dancing (shestova acrobatics, pole dance, pole dance, pole fitness, pole sport) is a form of fitness, which combines elements of choreography and shestova acrobatics. There have been several instances of pole dance.

1. Pole Art. Dance combines truckaway and dance part in the ratio 50% to 50%. Particularly important are the quality of the stunts, performance artistry and the image of the speaker. The choreography here is aimed at storytelling in dance, every movement here is a reasonable part of the narrative, and every performance in this style – a little performance.

2. Exotic Pole Dance. The most versatile and feminine mix of choreography of all dance styles (strip of plastic, the Orient, jazz, modern, flamenco, Latin), combined with pole dance and tricks in the ratio 70% to 30%. This style is full of grace, energy and a sincere fascinating techniques that are achieved through the study of acting plastics including. It’s a dance mood, dance soul, dance is the absolute expression.

3. Pole Sport/Fitness. The direction of the sport, where the main emphasis is on the physical data and the complexity of the stunt elements.

It is important to be able to combine the tricks; the transitions between them must be clean. Great attention is paid to the elaboration of such details as drawn socks, straight knees, a sense of rhythm. Despite the seeming ease of the movements the dance requires a lot of endurance, flexibility, coordination, grace and dexterity. Good stretching, overall muscle strength and tone the muscles of the upper and lower parts of the body are fundamental.

Our Studio offers classes in pole — effective, convenient and pleasant:

1. Individual approach to the creation of the customer training on the basis of his personal preferences in dance.

2. In any case, the program includes a balanced course of choreography at the pylon and on the pylon. Harmoniously develops the body: legs, buttocks, arms and back – nothing is forgotten. At the end of each session there is a gentle stretching for splits and bridges.

3. Pole acrobatics is one of the best types of fitness, as it combines aerobic and strength training. All clients say the initial weight loss and a noticeable relief of muscle in the first month of classes.

4. Beginners need to be prepared for what they find positive and psychological changes: stress, improved posture, and the acquisition thus of self-confidence, determination and courage.

Purposes of learning can also be corrected over time – at first perhaps you’ll think about losing weight and finding femininity, then you want to put a full dance costume and to develop creative qualities. In consequence many choose the development of improvisational dance to pole dance. Someone decides to participate in the championship or competition, and someone finds a new profession – the instructor pole dance.


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