The casting of young teachers in the areas of Exotic Pole Dance, Strip Plastic, Stretching

In connection with the expansion of the network Studio 1366 on a competitive basis requires TRAINER guiding Pole Dance, strip plastic, stretching.

Welcome active young women, graduates or students of sport, dance or gymnastics school. Your detailed profile and pictures please send email address after reviewing the rules of the Studio.


high responsibility and commitment;
creative potential;
experience of teaching Pole Dance, stripplastic, stretching;
the desire to earn and to grow creatively in our Studio;
good stretch from nature (or acquired), all cords, experience, experience preparations for performances and competitions.
The seriousness of the approach to training creates a teacher – the internal stiffness in the points of discussion schedules, rules of attendance, combustion classes. If attendance is not present, blame the teacher. We train our students, bring them to greater achievements and results. And our fees are only for the result. Willing “to” wage – please do not disturb. Wanting hard work to achieve results and to see change and grow our student – Welcome!

Rates: All instructor Studio1366 are partners with the studios and get a fee in the amount of 40% to 50% of the cost of the lessons. The cost of lessons provided on the website in the section prices

Your first trial session with a client, the Studio is paid only in case of acquisition of subscription! A trial lesson is “qualifying” to determine Your personality traits and vocational training when applying for work. You should show yourself, to please the client and to interest him, by the end of the train for failing to give him a basic understanding and to learn at least one new element. Subsequently Your desire and the desire to please the customer will be assessed by the number of purchased passes for Your class.

Determination of the 50% partner of:

This is not a position but a state of mind. We share everything 50/50: cleanliness and comfort, the work, the creative host of the atmosphere and, of course, responsibility.

1. Know how to motivate students for long term work. So 50% of the partners of the Studio are those who have the pupil attend classes consistently and for at least six months in a row.

2. Appreciate time and comfort each other, so the problems are rare and are resolved mutually beneficial agreements. The priority is always the student that worked before, but not new, which you want available on the note of respect to explain the situation and find a suitable time for everyone.

3. Actively participate in the development and promotion of the Studio, if there is no valid reason in the form of the disease. Especially it should be noted that 50% of partners are doing photo and video materials regularly according to the decisions of the supervisor or Manager of the Studio. Pour on corporate drive materials for Instagram in time without delay.

Once a month 3-4 a short video ( 100 seconds) in the walls of the Studio to Instagram. Filmed on the phone, strictly from the window, when the door is closed in the room, remove all unnecessary items from the floor, mats mats, dumbbells, shoes, gym shoes. Editable, place the music in the program Inshot. On one very spectacular video white place put our logo, write for example: Instructor Ilko Catherine Pole Dance Pole Sport, Stretching registration for individual classes +79651136611 from 7:00 a.m. to 14:00 PM

Once a month a financial report in Excel with a detailed description of the results of students and physical features. The report form is available.

Every quarter ( 3 months) the photo shoot and the subsequent description of the items. Photographer and photo processing and paid for by the Studio. Your task is to prepare yourself and a list of items, stunts, spectacular poses.

Every six months staged video to youtube channel. Services: shooting and editing commercials paid for by the Studio. Your task is to choreograph and coordinate it with the supervisor of the Studio Anna Dubrovsky law group Inc.

Once a year interview with our PR Manager Agatha Shapran.

4. Looking for opportunities to prove yourself for the good of the Studio. This can be a wide range of creative projects and performances in public.

5. Believe in the ideology of the Studio – the idea of quality of individual learning dances and in conversations always keep the brand, do not let openly or officially criticize our common cause and its partners.

6. Keep client Studio. If the client asks you to work out in them elsewhere on more favorable financial conditions or territorial advantage, the partner must submit all of the diplomatic benefits of our Studio and to convince to train individually with us. Otherwise refuse.
Partners can teach in other places, but functional duty to keep the client within the walls of our Studio.

7. Allow any adequate criticisms for joint decision-making in favor of each. Arbitrator for the dispute is the management – its decision to unconditionally and non-negotiable.

8. Ready to cooperate with each other in an atmosphere of love and inspiration and help each other in dance development.

9. Agree on working hours in the Studio every six months and maintain this time unchanged until the next period of negotiations. Always ready to accept students in the approved time interval.

10. Must strictly keep a record of possible transfers of employment and a valid time of the transfers, at the time of writing pass slowly and articulately to convey to the students our rules, if necessary, repeat the rules several times, until their full absorption by the students. Track in advance when the student pass is coming to an end and to warn in advance what quantity of hours left to work before the end of the term of the subscription, to offer a workout in alternative days or offer to increase the duration of employment.

A subscription for 12 lessons (3 times a week) valid for 30 calendar days from the date of acquisition, includes three transfers of employment, within 30 calendar days of the date of the first lesson.

A subscription for 8 lessons (2 times a week) valid for 30 calendar days from the date of acquisition, includes two transfers of employment, within 30 calendar days of the date of the first lesson.

Subscription for 4 lessons* (1 per week) valid for 30 calendar days from the date of acquisition, includes one transfer classes within 30 calendar days of the date of the first lesson.

Transfer classes – the abolition of classes and the subsequent transfer not later than 3:00 hours before the start of classes. In case of cancellation less than 3:00 hours before the start of a lesson is considered conducted. Morning recording in the interval from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. migrated in the evening.

11. In case of force majeure delay or skip classes at their own fault, unable to be self-critical, self-punishing yourself and give students the equivalent of the missed hours.

Take the following rules:

being late for 10-15 minutes = + 0:30 to the next lesson
a delay of 0:30 or more = +1:00 to the next lesson or the one 1:00 lesson for a gift on any other day by agreement
12. Obliged to record in the calendar, the reasons for the transfer of a variety of students, whenever this occurs in order to have a clear picture of all of the reasons for the transfers at hand. It is convenient, as often pupils forget when and why classes were canceled and there may be conflict and misunderstanding. Operational and systematic display cancel reason in the comments record in the calendar of our backs.

Strictly provide a written account in the comments in the corporate calendar of all delays and the reasons for cancellations from the students and their own. If the message comes from a student in WA to copy a chat message ( the program saves the name/phone student and date of the message). Put your cancellation in red.

To reduce the number of shifts need to be firm strict and unforgiving, and in the process of training to always speak what’s for you the teaching is creativity and great work and you are interested in the results that you demand a coach, always a lot of students, the record is dense and you can always choose one “could you train” and who to send to “the bench.” We have a Studio for private lessons and we physically can’t process the large number of students, and therefore entitled to accept and to exclude in the name of quality work with those who want and can work and achieve success!

13. Required when buying a ticket, to convey to pupils and achieve learning that the subscription is not tied to the instructor, the subscription is tied to the result, so if Kaim reason You will not be able to conduct training would be a necessary replacement. The result is important to us students and we can’t expose him. Each student in reporting we have a detailed description about the material, success, physical features.

If any paragraph, and each of them is very important, systematically violated, it results in a decision of the head to lower the rate or to the termination of partnership status.

Rules and regulations 1366 for Studio teachers Studio

I. appearance:

1. Always clean the head, the color of the hair natural shades.

2. Mandatory manicure (varnish acid colors excluded).

3. Mandatory pedicure if the session runs in sandals or open-toe shoes.

4. Tattoos and piercings are excluded.

5. Smoking ladies to teaching and classes are not allowed.

6. Certainly easy to make up.

II. Clothing:

1. Classic sporty style for warm up, training, learning and development elements of shestova acrobatics.

2. Evening dresses to meet students on the formulation of lap dances and demonstrations, with the ability to easily and quickly change clothes after a workout. Basic requirement: the dress should not be vulgar or very short open – should be aesthetically pleasing to cover Breasts and thighs.

4. Beauty, simplicity and style – General requirements for the ensemble of clothing.

5. Be sure to coordinate with the Manager all items of clothing and for training and demonstrations for live broadcasts on the channel Studio and in Inst.

6. Should always diversify suits in which You take students, to come 3 times in a row in one suit is unacceptable. You have to be the standard of beauty and an example of high aesthetic taste.

III. Shoes:

1. For professional POLE DANCE is a must! Ballet shoes, low socks.

Metal taps possible!

Hall 1 ( blank) we have rubber flooring in hall 2 (gray) floor GRABO. Metal taps can damage the coating, without the possibility of recovery. Please, the same for his students.

2. With the growth of 175 completely eliminate for practicing in apartments of the Studio platform is 3.5 cm, as the ceilings of 2.80 (not 3.5 meters). Certain exercises and stunts on top of the pole with a high platform will not succeed. Or shoes can damage the polymeric coating stretch ceiling.

3. Be sure to coordinate with the Manager all kinds of shoes, especially regarding the high platforms. All sets of clothes and shoes, which are the classes that are defined in advance before the first lesson. Further training and individual sessions with clients is possible only in an approved Trustee sets of clothes and shoes.

IV. Reception of clients and the safety of the interior

As soon as You are informed in the corporate group WA or BOS that You recorded are a beginner, You should definitely contact them prior to the lesson, it is important to have a personal contact, support, motivation. Most of us are not successful in the group, humble, shy, it is important to support, to dispel doubts. This can be done the morning classes if an evening class; or in the evening if the occupation in the morning. It is always important to keep the energy relationship with a student, be a mentor and example!

If You recorded on the General-PRIVAT, You need the day before classes to coordinate with the student props for performances and music to the show has finished under 1:30, as we promise in the proposal. Serial dance, thought the script based on dance and physical capabilities of the student.

1366 Studio — Studio closed type, clients are engaged in a specially equipped comfortable apartment at personally schedule individually/proindividual. To create a comfortable relaxed atmosphere requires:

1. Always offer tea at the beginning and at the end of the lesson. Tea (black, green, herbal blend) of higher grades is always available. Be sure to wash the kettle in which the tea is brewed, after each welding, not to leave the tea the next day. Just be sure to wash the mug.

2. If someone of the girls came earlier than the agreed time, be sure to offer to wait in the kitchen, drink tea, connect to Wi-Fi.

3. Schoolgirls dressed in the hall, the instructor leaves the meeting at this point and tightly closes the door to the student comfortable. The instructor always offers hangers for shot of things to keep them presentable, many of our student workers and this is extremely important. A hanger with things you can hang in the wardrobe or promptness on the door handle from the inner side of the hall. White mirror Cabinet two lower drawers for storing shoes, designed for 40 pairs. You can offer students to leave shoes for the classes to race us to practice on easier.

It is forbidden to change clothes on the balcony and store your shoes and belongings of the students! Balcony outdoor area and changing rooms and randomly scattered things are not acceptable.

4. Ease of use the ladies room. The door to the ladies room, the massive sliding frosted glass, no lock on the back side. If the classes are held in two halls simultaneously, the instructor should see to it that at the time of being his student in the ladies ‘ room, no one was bursting, and if someone intends to undergo, to politely inform you that at the moment I use the ladies room. It is forbidden to shout “busy”, our atmosphere does not imply a sharp tone, all exclusively on a note of respect.

Unwritten rule, if the door is shut, the light switched on and a hood, then a student getting ready.

The instructor should ensure that at the time when the ladies ‘ room, the door was always open and the light hood was off.

5. Floors. To maintain the exceptional purity of the WHITE floor, wash the MOP after each class. The Studio has fashionable VILEDA MOP with pedal pressed, so as not to spoil our wonderful pens and manicures. Not allowed hair and black marks on tips of shoes. Black marks from the cleats erasable MELAMINE sponges. White floor needs after a workout to get in order to You or Your colleagues, other instructors prior to the lesson, do not waste time on pre-cleaning. Each of the mentors need to take care of your colleague and You will have the confidence that everything is ready for comfortable occupation.

6. Fresh air. Be sure to ventilate the Studio after each workout.

7. In the evening to create a favorable atmosphere to enable the track lower lighting, it will fill light Studio flooring to create a cozy and dim atmosphere. You can use candles, natural oils in the oil burner, incense at the request of the client. Care and the problem of the instructor to create a pleasant atmosphere for each individual client to fully relax and emancipation, of liberation from “stiffness”.

8. Shower. Strongly suggest the client to take a shower after every workout. If the classes are parallel in two halls of the instructor must be coordinated in time and the sequence of the showering students, to avoid temporal overlap and grievances. White clean towels always available in the Ladies ‘ room. Be sure to keep clean hand towels in a timely manner to replace them clean. To see to it that in the shower was no longer hair after your students.

Dirty towels we put in the washing machine and when it fills, turn the wash in a delicate mode, be sure to fill the rinse aid.

The presence of Your personal towels in the Studio of multi-colored tones is unacceptable, we have the style of the all white! Use strictly towels studios for himself and students.

Never wash your towels and personal belongings along with white towels Studio! Dry wash towels we towel rail in the bathroom and white wooden hangers that are placed on the hooks opposite the shower. If not enough space, hangers, towels can be placed on a white horizontal bar.

Be sure to warn in the corporate group WA of your colleagues that towels are washed and should be hung at the end of the day. As well as the instructor who hung the towels dried, I should warn you in the corporate group WA colleagues that should arrive at the Studio 5 minutes early to clean towels in the box outside the presence of pupils.

Of all the household questions that arise in our walls! Come to us to relax from everyday life and domestic Affairs.

9. Warm up before ANY training is required! Before workout to offer like the rocks from the Polynesian island, after a workout, be sure to hang 1 min on the bar to after tricks to restore the natural condition of the joints and spine.

10. The atomizers with vodka or diluted alcohol to degrease the pole standing in the halls. Be sure after each session and, if necessary, during lessons to wipe the pole.

11. Every teacher signed a contract of use of premises, providing for financial responsibility for the safety of the interior, equipment, working tools.

12. Be sure before you leave the Studio check the lights, air conditioning, hoods, doors and Windows. The light should be turned off, Windows and doors closed, air conditioning off, drawing in the ladies ‘ room, the balcony, the kitchen is off. The key to the Studio must be under the code in the safe.

13. The shutters in the ladies ‘ room open with the REMOTE. Absolutely impossible to open it mechanically by using force to pull by hand. Who find it difficult to remember, be prepared personally to agree on the arrival time of the masters and to bear all repair costs. Thank you for understanding.

14. The use of blocker ( stopper “static rotation”) in a solid steel pole in hall 1 (white hall).

The appointment of a full-bodied steel pole – for large in the body of the Dam capacity without backlash up to 1 ton. )))

It is IMPOSSIBLE-IMPOSSIBLE-IMPOSSIBLE to hold up the pole with the side mirror! YOU NEED TO SCORE TO FOCUS STRICTLY ON THE PART OF THE WINDOW. If the beats while you work, then the pylon becomes loose and the lock. Do not use the blocker, inserted in depth with audible sound beating. The cost of repair roughly 8.000, includes made a new blocker and increase the holes in the pylon under the new blocker. Who find it difficult to remember, be prepared to kindly coordinate with engineers drawings of the new blocker, to negotiate with the masters of perforation of the pylon under the new blocker so kindly be spending on all these nice gestures. Thank you for understanding.

15. Remove used towels in the washing machine. You can’t leave used towels in the bathroom on the towel rack. Cute and useful penalty of our team – purchase new WHITE towels 70×140 cm, a density of 400 g/m2 (=229 RUB. )

16. To take out the garbage at the end of lessons, even small ( wrappers, use of funds) to an instructor who came after You came across any used items.

17. Do not store the dumbbells on white floor and sill. Are yellow circles with rust that cannot be removed. Be sure to place them under the throat or white cloth hand towel 30*30 cm

18. Blocker from the pole in room 2 (grey room) should be hung on the door handle or to be inserted into the pylon.

19. It is prohibited to discharge the remains of a tea infuser in the sink, thought it was obvious, but not obvious who will prescribe – drain immediately clogged and the water goes bad or does not go away at all. Used welding can be flushed down the toilet, and if the ladies ‘ room is busy at this moment, then throw it in the bin in the kitchen.

20. It is prohibited to hang on the white curtains, to weight their mats, to twist them and build on them! Rod under the curtains is designed for a maximum weight of 25 kg, curtains is not a fabric! A metal rod or SAG in the middle and there will be a gap from the ceiling or hurt head!

21. Rubber mats stored in their cases for them in the hall, standing on the floor, when twisting the tube they do NOT stay, and immediately laid out, so that only the covers could optimize the space, just so a ground floor space will be more.

22. Do not store grey cubes and mats on the window sill, fade in the sun.

23. When the air conditioner is running, the curtain should be opened, otherwise the cold/warm air will not flow into the hall.

24. To monitor pupil in the classroom has removed all jewellery, rings, chains, etc., which can damage the smooth finish of the pylon. Scratch pole can tear the skin.

Each of the mentors need to take care of your colleague and You will have the confidence that everything is ready for comfortable occupation.

V. a Rule obligatory replacement

If You for some reason are unable to exercise, You have to agree beforehand with Your colleagues, other teachers of the Studio on the replacement to Your student continued to engage in the previously agreed at the subscription time and with proper comfort.

Students we will NOT tell you that You will not and about the details of Your family issues, diseases and other force majors. We are always the standard of beauty and perfection for our students! This rule of the Studio!


In the corporate group WA to negotiate with a colleague about the replacement in the designated calendar class time
Instruct colleague, if you have any questions/you ask why You were not able to enter, answer the following: “Subscription is not tied to the instructor, a pass attached to an outcome, is important to us Your result and we can’t put Your results at risk.”
To register in the corporate calendar to record daily replacement detail level worked, injuries, physiology of the pupil to a colleague replacing you can prepare before class.
Consider instructing how to conduct training, given the strengths of your colleagues, to our students as much as possible and diversify.
Optionally duplicate all the data in the corporate group WA to give responsibility and openness in the team so that information was open and avoid misunderstandings.
Does NOT matter the first time you replace with a specific student or is it 21 times, all prescribe in detail each new replacement!
Each student in reporting we have a detailed description about the material, success, physical features.

It is completely unacceptable to miss class without providing a replacement!!!

How are we demanding to the students in the question of valid transfers of employment, also demand maximum output from yourself. Namely, to prevent omissions and transfers of employment our fault. In the case of ignoring rules to teach decreases in the partnership %.

P. S. the Instructor never talk about their illness and ailments as the student is picked up and automatically start to hurt and be lazy. Moreover, as children rejoice to illness of the instructor, and even if someone pulls in the emotions in view of the delicacy, it does not mean that she empathizes. On the bright side our students we are always grateful, but shadow hates us for what we make, it make, work and achieve. The task instructor, if he is sick and is unable to carry out activity to coordinate with the student in the lesson, not letting the replacement, then 100% attendance garantirovana. The instructor that replaces the need to meet in Studio a student and do not inform about the disease, colleagues of the instructor, only to say that we are responsible for their results and can’t miss classes for any reasons that the programme of work gave all the details and proceed to the lesson. When an administrator communicates with students on coordination of time, there is a suspicion of replacement and an excuse to be lazy, therefore, will act only on the above described scheme.

VI. The rule of punctuality

We appreciate time of our clients, many work in offices with a throughput systems and video surveillance and for being late to work will receive a penalty. Of the delay of our teachers for training is unacceptable. In the case of force majeure, the teacher must personally to resolve the conflict with a student, offer to work out next time for a gift, make some nice bonus in the form of a half-hour passive stretching, etc. If the teacher was unable to resolve the conflict and the conflict comes to the level of the management, the teacher shall be a penalty of 10% s/n or 3000 RUB. the size of the penalty determines the management, comparing the profits of the Studio from the incident of the incident.

VII. The rule of renting

If someone of the clients requests to hire the hall, this is only possible with the presence of our instructor (teacher) for security purposes. A stranger in the Studio without supervision we can’t leave! The cost of renting the Studio – 900 RUB/hour. With this You can go about your business, but be sure to be in the Studio and not leave the tenant without supervision. At the request of the tenant, You can conduct a trial lesson or consultation in the framework of this cost. Other lease options are excluded.

VIII. The rule of silence

So Studio – apartment dwellings, we observe acceptable standards of noise of the dwelling. Monitor the volume of music in the early and late hours. It is especially important to prevent hrimne knock stopper in hall 1 ( white hall ), see paragraph IV, subparagraph 12.

IX. A first aid kit. Composition and application.

The Studio is equipped with a first aid kit with all the necessary means for first aid.There are often situations when the student complained to the temperature. We measure temperature and if it has conduct class format the master class ( talk – show)

Hydrogen peroxide (for the treatment of wounds)

Sterile bandage

Wipes sterile gauze (first aid)

Cotton pads



Bandage (40 pieces)

Pain (headache, toothache, etc.)

An Advil (for headaches under reduced pressure)

Glue BF-6 is a tool that is an excellent styptic for small wounds, and corns, burns, is a disinfecting agent and promotes wound healing.

Menovazin – tool for outdoor anesthesia. Apply EXTERNALLY (not inside). Bruises, muscular pain, sprains, joint pain. Use as first aid for shock. Consider that menovazin do not apply on open wound (it’s bleeding) in this case, the glue, and above the wound (not on it) to make soaked menovazin tissue, to relieve pain and to reduce swelling.

Also added activated charcoal ftalazol (both in violation of the functions of the stomach and intestines), and scissors for dressings.

A thermometer ( to measure temperature of students)

X. the electronic schedule

Download the app “Google Calendar”, install it on your smartphone. In the settings put 2 tick in cuadratica “Event”, “Reminder”, and then displays the schedule.

The red plus button allows you to create “Events” and “Reminders. Create! Don’t forget to press “Save” in the upper right corner.

Before you make another recording, you must first click on the “Refresh” button, wait for the “Sync complete” and then make changes, in order to avoid overlap in the schedule. If the mobile Internet speed from 0 to 20 KV/s the calendar can not be updated and “Sync completed” will not appear. It is desirable to establish a program for determining the speed of the Internet to be 100% evennou in maintaining records to be written at the right time in the right place.

Sample test fill in the electronic scoreboard classes.

D. A. Elena Новикова_1/12


D. A. Dubrovskaya Anna, teacher

Elena Novikova – student

1/12 – first session of the current 12

first trial lesson
Perenos ( 1,2,3)
canceling classes and then transfer
after perenos must repeat the current numbering of the classes
D. A. Elena Новикова_7/12_перенос
D. A. Elena Новикова_7/12
In paragraph 10 of the definition of “50% partner” set out the possible number of shifts on each pass.
When transferring, you need to fill in the entries that follow, to avoid overprints. For example, if transference occurs, You set the calendar the transfer for the current day, but also put down (extend) classes on all subsequent dates. To avoid confusion, after suffering classes need to manually add all the ones that will take place. That is, if you have 8 classes, and 6 – transfer, you must add another record with the latest 8-m class and change the sequence numbers for existing classes, beginning with the 6th
lesson burned
after sgorelo, shall comply with the following ordinal classes
D. A. Elena Новикова_7/12_сгорело
D. A. Elena Новикова_8/12
the time booked for the future
Gray Z._
“Sery C” in front of the entry indicates the grey hall if You have a preference to pylon Pole4You or You need more ground space put the “Grey C” before recording
White C_
“Belly C” in front of the entry indicates white hall
In person, contact Your colleagues in the corporate group, it is possible to put in a reservation time trial lesson. First trial lesson to spend time desires of the client very important if there is an understanding that your booking will not take place , it is possible to replace your on trial. If the morning is clear, that classes-classes will not need to quickly write otmena to be able to put someone strongly wants, probnoe.

An important feature in the calendar – custom recurrence. The function is in the event, under the setting time, press the “no repeats” and select “custom”, select the desired day, click on the drop down Menu under “Always” and choose ” Until a certain date “, set the date. Then “Finish” and “Save” . To check whether to keep the recording a month in advance.

For example, you can enter the D. A. Elena Novikova /12 to set the days and hours of recording and specify the end date of the record. Continue to add only the numbers of the sessions manually.

When writing a pass should just make all classes in the schedule, in order to avoid temporal overlaps with other teachers.

When you open the calendar, you must first click on the “Refresh” button, wait for the “Sync complete” and then make changes.

It is important not to confuse your calendar with corporate. You need to check: if the entry is “event 1366” – this means that the corporate calendar.

pole dance москваpole dance москва
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Записаться на пробное занятие


Записаться на пробное занятие к Екатерине Степченковой

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Записаться на пробное занятие к Маргарите Майской

Записаться на пробное занятие к Екатерине Илько

Записаться на пробное занятие к Лидии Христич

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Записаться на пробное занятие к Алисе Костромеевой

Записаться на пробное занятие к Наталье Хабировой

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Записаться на пробное занятие к Маринэль Вульф

Записаться на пробное занятие к Татьяне Непахаревой

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Записаться на пробное занятие к Екатерине Юрковой

Записаться на пробное занятие к Марте Бутба


Записаться на пробное занятие к Екатерине Гоман

Записаться на пробное занятие к Алёна Вязовцева

Ваше имя (обязательно)

Ваш e-mail (обязательно)



Записаться на пробное занятие к Нине Туч

Записаться на пробное занятие к Ларисе Бутыриной

Записаться на пробное занятие к Маргарите Синцовой

Записаться на пробное занятие к Ольге Чайченко

Записаться на пробное занятие к Алине Михайловой

Записаться на пробное занятие к Наталье Кадыровой