Individual course “Stripelike of modernity”. Power, grace, grace!

Individual month course in Stripelike.

Power, grace, elegance of today!

Studio 1366

Moscow, 2nd Pavlovsky lane, 13-66

Duration – 8 sessions 1:00

Cost 14 400 rubles for only one student! Study of the query individually!

Hurry up to enroll today!

+7 (965) 113-66-11

Discovery, surprise and delight

You’re tired of health clubs and public places of mass visits? You do NOT tolerate crowded and large groups? I want to do in your rhythm and pace?

Apartments in the city center with pylon and personal trainer, with no prying eyes! We will take into account the individual characteristics of each!

Each of us is a little witch, a cat, and certainly the actress. And in each from birth inherent desire to be attractive. Following modern notions of beauty, we sit on a diet, go to the gym, swim in the pool… It can be very effective, but quite monotonous and boring, and toned figure with a beautiful posture is not always enough to feel beautiful and desirable. It is hampered, in particular, psychological clips, complexes, rejection of his own body. And we need compliments, admiring glances fans. I think that every woman would like once in my life to play the role of the fatal temptress. What will it take? Above all, the sense of inner freedom and the ability to love yourself. Believe me, and with these qualities you can work on and develop if you know how. Coaches Pole Dance Studio 1366 is offered to you as a working tool, the most female, the most tantalizing and exciting modern dance – the plastic strip. It helps to gain freedom of expression, to reveal the femininity and sexuality. This dance filled with sensuality and passion, which are simply fascinating!

The selection of the instructor

We will find You an instructor who will make up a training program for Your needs and objectives! Coordinate vremena classes convenient to You! All of our coach master of sports, and have additional pedagogical education, with teaching experience of 10 years. This ensures attention to detail are the building blocks of Your success and results!

What results do You get?

With regular training schedule, we guarantee the following results:

1 month
Minus 1-3 kg

Beautiful gait

The basic elements of a strip of plastics

10 simple twists

Impressive basic tricks

The development of the flexibility of the back

2 month
Taut tummy and buttocks

Beautiful posture

Plastic and grace of a cat in everyday life

The first full-fledged dance

Interesting combination of simple acrobatic elements

3 month
Visible the harmony of shapes

The relief of the hips, abdomen and back

Mastered all elements of the basic level

Free improvisation music

Unlock personal potential femininity

A bit of theory, to determine the wishes:

Do not be afraid of the word since the beginning of “the strip”. Strip plastic – it is plastic body, beautiful, pretty and feminine, imbued with eroticism. It’s the art of seduction, flirting, a little performance. At the same time, acknowledging that the plastic strip was taken from the strip some of the basics, it should be noted that it does not require to undress.

пол дэнс в москве

Plastic strip (Strip Dance) — is a combination of more than 20 dance styles, United by the erotic movements. There are a lot of jazz and modern, and classical ballet, and belly dancing. Also, fragments of plastic, stretching, modern dance choreography. Despite the presence of eroticism in the dance, no vulgarity. The task of dancing is to seduce with her clothes on. Sometimes the plastic strip is called “yoga to the sensual music.”

Every year a strip of plastic is gaining popularity. And for good reason. Because this type of fitness allows not only to create and maintain a great figure, but to awaken their femininity and sensuality to make a bright touch in the marital relationship. You will feel transformed. Your tummy will tighten up, posture and gait will change, traffic will be flexible and sexy, you will love yourself and be a real Panther is mysterious and graceful. Whatever you do – dancing, walking, speech, set the table, sat is going to be beautiful and sophisticated. And for the girl that exudes confidence and sexuality, nothing is impossible!

To achieve this, during class you will not just dance but to actively engage in fitness: stretching, stretching, perform squats and lifts. Yes, strip-plastic – it is also full training, which gives the load on all the muscles, strengthening the heart and blood vessels, increasing the tone and giving a fine mood! You will learn how to gracefully move, control your body, to feel his appeal and his inner strength, increase your self-esteem and the ability to conquer men’s hearts. No other dance is so not going to kickstart your inner “I”, as a strip of plastic. You will feel like a real woman – beautiful and seductive. Over time, the precise movements will firmly enter in your habit and you’re not straining, you will constantly attract men’s looks.

Believe me, you are much more beautiful than I think and can do much more than think. Come to Pole Dance Studio 1366, and our instructors will help you unleash your inner woman – daring, passionate and at the same time fragile and delicate.

уроки стрип пластики в москве

What you get in our Studio

1. Stripelike is a natural expression of femininity. A natural way to Express attraction. It is what is inside of each and what you need to disclose. We learn to be myself and not be someone similar.

2. Changes in life: stress, active leisure to switch from everyday Affairs, thus unloading emotional blocks and stresses of the body. Release your inner sorceress to improve relationships with loved ones.

3. Think, each known for its gait and grace of an actress Hollywood has in the past dance classes: they all have strong, toned body, uninhibited movement beckon plasticity of the hips in gait. Even if they hide your dance classes, it is an integral part of life for any luxurious women.

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