Individual course “Stretching and steam room stretch.” Health, coordination and flexibility!

Individual monthly course of “Stretching and steam room stretch.” Coordination and flexibility!

Studio 1366

Moscow, 2nd Pavlovsky lane, 13-66

Duration – 8 sessions 1:00

Cost 14 400 rubles for only one student! Study of the query individually!

Hurry up to enroll today!

+7 (965) 113-66-11

Discovery, surprise and delight

You’re tired of health clubs and public places of mass visits? You do NOT tolerate crowded and large groups? I want to do in your rhythm and pace? Apartments in the center of the city and a personal trainer, with no prying eyes! We will take into account the individual characteristics of each!

The selection of the instructor

We will find You an instructor who will make up a training program for Your needs and objectives! Coordinate vremena classes convenient to You! All of our coach master of sports, and have additional pedagogical education, with teaching experience of 10 years. This ensures attention to detail are the building blocks of Your success and results!

What results do You get per month ?

Recovery and muscle strengthening
Removing pain and tension from the muscles
Slowing the aging process in the body
Maintaining muscle elasticity
Relieve mental stress
Improved posture

Our flexibility is freedom of movement is an important part of all our actions. Personal rate the banner is individually selected exercises for individual parts of Your body that will greatly improve your flexibility and coordination. This extra mobility is very important because even the simplest tasks in our lives are connected with constant movement. Given this fact, stretching is even more important than exercise. Well, if you combine the complexes stretching to physical training, for example, with your morning Jogging, with dance classes, you will become the owner of a beautiful health and Wellness throughout life!

What is steam stretching?

Pair stretching or steam stretching is to work in tandem with Your personal coach, which, given Your physiological features pulls You. Unlike the standard stretch marks, increases the result three times. The body very quickly, “revealed”: returns the flexibility that all men have from birth. We shot a video with a famous gymnast Tatyana Tur, who will talk about their experiences and clearly will training.

A bit of theory, to determine the wishes:

Stretching – a series of exercises aimed at improving flexibility and stretching. This system later became recognized as a sport and got its substantiation in the works of American and Swedish scientists. The name comes from the English word “stretching” — stretching. There are three types of exercises for flexibility development and joint mobility. These exercises are used in morning exercises, warm-up and as a means of special preparation in many sports and dance, whether it be gymnastics, ballet, acrobatics, yoga. This effective system of exercises originated in the 50-ies of XX century. But only 20 years ago has developed stretching exercises or lengthening muscles: static, dynamic, ballistic.

Static is a very slow movement, which accepted a certain position and keeps it engaged for thirty – sixty seconds. However, he may strain stretched muscle groups, periodically or continuously. What static exercises with the stretching of muscles is called stretching. And that static stretching is the most effective form of this technique. But for the overall development in order to better understand this question, we need to define two other types of stretching.

Dynamic stretching is a slow springing movement, ending with a static hold of the provisions in the endpoint range of motion.

Ballistic stretching is a flapping motion with his hands and feet, and flexion and extension of the torso, which are performed with large amplitude and high speed. In this case, the lengthening specific muscle groups to be relatively short-lived. It lasts as long as it lasts max or bending. The rate of stretching of muscles usually proportional to the speed of swings and flexion.

занятия стретчингом в Москве

Stretching in Moscow are suitable for all age groups regardless of health status. They are particularly useful for maintaining flexibility, mobility and fitness. Besides, stretching-workouts require no expenses for equipment or special equipment, they are perfectly suited for the home environment.

Interested in stretching?

Our school Studio is ready to offer you:

1. Original techniques based on years of experience.

2. The connection stretching techniques based on the individual characteristics of the client’s body.

3. Results fast only with regular practice of stretching for half an hour (2-3 times a week).

4. Need to do a banner for the development of dance styles Studio, for the ability to coordinate the body in the best way in the classroom and in everyday life, for the ability to relax and to enjoy life. Ability to be flexible bodily affects the ability to be flexible in communication and in stressful situations.

5. Stretching is the regular practice of the body and spirit. It brings inner balance, pleasure, overcoming mental and physical boundaries. The splits at any age.

6. Stretching is the backbone of everyday grace. She creates a safe space for the development of acrobatics on the pylon. Is the key to health and development in selected dance area.

You are welcome to the lessons stretching in Moscow, in a cozy Studio 1366!


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