Individual course “Dance with a chair”. Power, grace, grace!

Individual monthly course “Dance with a chair”!

Meet a loved one is especially nice!

Be party Queen!

Studio 1366

Moscow, 2nd Pavlovsky lane, 13-66

Duration – 4 lessons duration 1:00

Cost — 10 400 rubles for only one student! Study of the query individually!

Hurry up to enroll today!

+7 (965) 113-66-11

Discovery, surprise and delight

Every girl should be able to rivet the attention. In family life, to surprise with unexpected transformations!

Admit most secret desires! Want to dance easily, gracefully and seduce just one man – the loved and loving? One that cares about You and is worthy of the most beautiful women?

When preparing a private dance for the beloved, You will discover a vibrant, interesting and sexy woman. You will be able to move differently than the ever – confident and graceful.

You’d be surprised how much beauty, love and freedom within You. And that’s all you can give your man.

The selection of the instructor

We will find You an instructor who will make up the program, setting a lap dance and routine workouts according to Your innermost needs and challenges! We will coordinate a class time convenient for You! All of our coach master of sport and have additional educational and even sexual education, with teaching experience of 10 years. This ensures attention to detail are the building blocks of Your success and results!

What results do You get?

development of basic dance choreography with a chair;
familiarity with the artistic part: the dance with the chair is the dance partner metaphor, so it is important to understand what gestures are and when to use. This course give the basics of acting;
mastering the basic acrobatic elements on the chair, then the second lesson from scratch;
the selection of motions for the production of dance based on the winning parties data client: plastic, stretching, strength acrobatics, charisma;
the course is designed for production, so in the end you will find Amateur or professional videography at your request.
We will put You to dance and will find all the necessary details for its implementation!

Frequently asked questions :

How can I use dance with a chair?
Options that have not time tested and well proven:
– the erotic rendezvous with your beloved at the hotel (it is better not to perform a lap dance at home or in familiar surroundings)
– sexually roleplay with a favorite like adventure (developed erotic adventure-quest)
video-prezent (the dance was in the Studio in the chic interior, the installation is assembled from the best dance shots, color correction highlights the beauty of the skin and figure and creates a powerful emotional experience)
– photo-a present (gift photographer makes a photo shoot in the Studio on the basis of pre-posing)

What to bring to practice?
Definitely heels on the strap (not less than 5 cm and better than 7-10cm) – to not fall off the bone and that it would be a pity to scratch (in dance shoes quickly wears out). Staging a costume-fitting and comfortable rehearsal form, leggings, push-up bra.

How to choose music?
The music you choose as they wish – from your favourite songs or on the recommendation of the coach.

How to choose the image and costume?
The image is developed jointly with the coach to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. The image and its attributes you create yourself.

I like the set, but I don’t look at it as well as my coach
Naturally the coach has over the years not only training and rehearsals, but also the years of performances on stage. Individual approach of our Studio lies in the fact that the coach puts You the choreography that emphasizes what Your strengths and will match Your level of training (in contrast to group training and workshops for Privat in the ordinary dance schools), but the choreographer focuses on the particular level of scenic quality. Tune in to assess their dance at the final performance – how You look and look in the mirror or in a video frame. Aspire to the skill of Your coach, but evaluate Your progress adequately to Your level and carefully cultivate their self-esteem. Not mistaken only one who does nothing. And Your Beloved will be happy with the gift, because he wants to see and love You and enjoy You.

A bit of theory, to determine:

Very entertaining and colorful dances under the active music dazzle with their speed and unpredictability. Many aspects of dance with a chair are the elements stripplastic. While training in the Studio you will pass a full range of fitness disciplines, the training is based on individual program with qualified coaches, great managers. The precise movements, plastic and swiftness of the dance will appeal to your viewers. Such activity encourage better health, so try to do in our Studio a little longer.


I’m sure many have seen perform a dance with a chair in hotels in European resorts. This specially trained girls who had passed the training. In the hands of the dancers for such a boring piece of furniture just comes to life! The chair turns, turns in the hands of a skilled dancer. On his stand up, jump through him, with him doing the most incredible acrobatics. And all the music, fascinating and fast.

To dance with a chair need a lot more space than for a private dance. To free up space in the house to show it is always possible, but for active training still come to our Studio, there are all conditions for study and constant training. Individual training in a separate program for everyone at our Studio Pole Dance in Moscow! Comfortable, specially equipped apartments. Professional dancers, winners of numerous competitions – as teachers and discerning, critical viewers.


After You hone all the dance moves, sit at home on the couch your lover and show him your skills. To dance with a chair also requires a special suit and special atmosphere. Learn how to create it will help the coaches that will put Your dance in the Studio. Your young man will love it!

Dancing with a chair you can dance and in small confined spaces, but this requires a long training. After the dance You can perform for a lover in the end and a lap dance, it will be like an extension of your intimate evening. Energetic and slightly aggressive dance with a chair more suitable for outdoor space and more number of viewers. You will be the Queen of the party!

This presentation, show production, performance for one or more of the audience will not leave anyone indifferent person. The dance energizes, captivates, excites and surprises. Every person can perform it, having a certain physical preparation. In the apartment our Studio the most suitable atmosphere for attaining all the secrets and mysteries of dance with a chair.

All the information about the Studio, services offered, hours of operation, contact details and address can be found on the website. Check out our works visit us to see how the trained student, and You will want to stay!

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